Padua, 7th February 2005

We are going to set off on a long voyage, and the preparations for leaving are carrying on without troubles ("at full sail" as we would say).
The more we are getting to know new and different places, the more we get interested and excited. We are looking forward to docking in new lands so we could explore them, and to sailing along the coasts, which few people have done so far.
After leaving the Mediterranean, most of oceanic sailors usually aim straight to the Canary Islands and then towards the Caribbean; but they normally speed past those places, and they donīt savour such beautiful countries such as Morocco, Cape Verde or Central-Southern America.
During our latest round-the-world voyage we sailed a lot, and we saw lots of places. Now we are going to experience again the charm of such an extraordinary venture. In fact, this voyage will let us spend one or more nights alone in the middle of the sea, at peace with the universe, while being caressed by balmy and light wind. In such a way we want to satisfy our innate curiosity about new people and different atmosphere.
It is just the heat of knowledge beyond the horizon line that drives us to leave our dear ones and the wonderful coasts we are staying in. During our voyage we will be going towards new realities, in search of different and alternative lifestyles.
The joys of the voyage dissolve the sadness of leaving, and we are aware of that, since we have been sailing full-time for more than ten years.
Considering our experience, we would like to share these adventures with all the friends that will follow us virtually on this website. We will describe them as well in the forthcoming books.

Before leaving the mare Nostrum (the Mediterranean), we will set sail for the magic Aegean, Southern Italy with marvellous Sicily and its dream isles.
During the month of August we will be spending our holidays between the wild Southern-Western Sardinia and the Balearic Islands. In September we will be approaching the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar), and in October Jancris will be setting sail for the Atlantic Ocean. How much is to be seen!
See you soon!

Nicoletta & Alfredo plus Trudy

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