The floating embassy of Padua, JANCRIS, is "sleeping" in the yard waiting to start again for a new adventure.

Some months ago Nicoletta and I start to look the far north following a romantic and naturalistic trip. We read the classic books of the legendary explorers, and the moderns and most recently publications. At the end we have discover an incredible and alarming change of the weather in this part of the world.

On 2007 the ice retreat have signed the record, and the "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" write that the Artic ice on the summer 2070, will despairs.

The 2008 is designed as year of the poles and the italian MUR (Ministry of University and Research) have dedicated at this theme, the annual week of scientific culture.

Starting from this news our trip have change course and now we want to go to Maine, San Lorenzo Bay, Quebec and up to Labrador. Our trip will be an occasion to see rally the situation touching tree point:
  1. To verify the conditions of the ice and the retreat.
  2. Visit wild place to study the animal's adaptability in extreme weather conditions.
  3. Estimate potential deterioration of the environment.

GOAL of the JANCRIS trip that will give hospitality at two biologist of the Padua University, is to sensitize the aspect socio-environmental, geological and biological.

EXPECTATIONS: International convention supported by the Padua University. Sensitize the public opinion by newspaper and other press organ. Scientific publications. Book of the voyage. Voyage movie.

For more information: jancrisjancris@hotmail.com