JANCRIS AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE Following their successful round-the-world voyage, Alfredo and Nicoletta will set off again for their favourite sea, the Aegean, where they started their seafaring life ten years ago. This time, with their film camera, they will aim at capturing the core of life on board, the harmony of nature, the scent of the Mediterranean macchia, and the colours of the sea and the sky. The couple wanted to show, in a simple and original way, their life real life on Jancris, on a sea-going cruise for the East Mediterranean. After sailing and shooting for eight months, here is the extract leading to magic places where the passing of time has halted. You can see anchorages in wonderful bays of crystal clear waters, moorings in fascinating small ports, and images of sailing and beautiful Aegean islands. There, you can hear about the longed-for sovereign Meltemi, who has been ruling over those places for years. He is the Lord of the Magic Aegean, and everybody dreads him. WELCOME ON BOARD THE JANCRIS.

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